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What’s Blooming on July 4?

The better question might be: What isn’t blooming this Independence Day? After our slow, slow start to the gardening season, the plants are finally getting the sun they need. Here…


What’s Blooming Now? Everything!

The better question might be: What’s not blooming? After our very slow and cold spring, we finally are getting some sun and heat and the plants have responded with enthusiasm….


What’s Blooming on the Last Day of May?

We’ve gotten to the end of the month of May — and it’s been strange. Snow, heat, rain, cold — we’ve had it all. But the plants keep blooming, even…

mn redbud

What’s Blooming This Week?

How wonderful is it when the spring flowering trees and shrubs are in all their glory? After this winter, it is wonderful indeed. So, what’s blooming in our northern gardens?…


What’s Blooming in Your Northern Garden? May 9

  What a difference a week makes! After an endless April and an early May snowstorm, the weather turned around this week, and the plants are taking off. Today’s photos…

siberian squill

What’s Blooming in Your Northern Garden? May 2

OK, so some of the blooms are covered with snow, but spring really is on the way and what better way to encourage it than to focus on the plants…