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Are Tomatoes Slow To Ripen This Year?

We’ve heard a number of gardeners comment that it seems that tomatoes are slow to ripen this year. The gardeners have lots and lots of tomatoes on the plants, but…


Update on the Vegetable Seed Starting

Our extended winter-like weather and delayed spring has changed the timing for planting some things in the garden that I’ve started indoors. My trays of heirloom lettuces were not looking…


Unusual Vegetables for Northern Gardeners

In yesterday’s post, we offered a few tips from Jackie Smith of the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners of Carver and Scott Counties on growing vegetables. Jackie’s comments came…


Tips for Growing Vegetables in the North

What’s going to be growing in your vegetable garden this summer? How about trying something different—maybe Chinese cabbage or pak choi, spicy mustard greens or fennel? These were among the…


Book Review: The Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook

Each year, publishers release dozens of gardening books, many of which are useful or beautiful. At the same time, hundreds of cookbooks are published, and some of them are pretty…


Book Review: Gardening By Cuisine

Gardening by Cuisine: An Organic-Food Lover’s Guide to Sustainable Living is the latest book by Patti Moreno, proprietress of one of the top urban gardening websites, Urban Sustainable Living and…


6 Tips for New Vegetable Gardeners

Is this the year you plan to start a vegetable garden? We hope so, because there are few outdoor activities that produce so much food, fun and satisfaction, and ask…

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Early Seed Starting — Waiting for a Warm Up

I started lettuce early this year—on February 22—so that we would be able to display the new seedlings in our exhibit at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show. Using the…