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Shade Tolerant Vegetables for Urban Gardens

  For vegetable gardeners on mature lots, deciding what to plant can be tricky. Most vegetables need a minimum of six to eight hours of sunlight per day and the…


How to Make Seed Starting Mix

It’s still too early to start seeds indoors in Minnesota, with the exception of onions, but many gardeners are thinking about their seed-starting set up. While many excellent commercial varieties…


Plant Onion Seeds Now

With the winds whipping and a high forecast in the below zeroes again, it may seem like spring and your vegetable garden are far, far away. But actually, late January…


Learn How to Start Vegetables with Winter Sowing

  Winter sowing of seeds is one of the top three topics that bring folks to this blog. (The other top two are northern gardening — no surprise — and…


The Seed Catalogs Have Arrived!

On a day when the high temperatures here in Minnesota will likely not get about minus-15 and the wind is making the garden look like an Arctic landscape, seed catalogs…


Hot Off the Press: Permaculture for Vegetable Gardeners

The current issue of Northern Gardener includes a delightful profile of a Minnesota gardener who is incorporating permaculture principles in her home landscape. The idea of permaculture — permanent agriculture…

squash curing

How to Cure Winter Squash

Most Minnesota gardeners have already harvested their winter squash — the goal is to get them out of the fields before there is a hard freeze. But how do you…

tomato harvest

Tomato Diseases in 2013

All in all, 2013 seems to be a very good year for tomatoes. We’ve had ample rain (maybe a little too ample at times) and we have not had the…