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Growing Sage in Minnesota Gardens

Culinary sage (Salvia officinalis) is one of the hardiest herbs. Though not 100 percent reliable as a perennial in Minnesota, growing sage is relatively easy — and it has so…


Do You Grow Aloe?

The MSHS Educational Display at the Minnesota State Fair is particularly interesting this year for herb gardeners. We have about 30 different herbs growing in pots, from garden regulars like…


Growing Coffee in Minnesota?

The MSHS Educational Display on herbs at the Minnesota State Fair has some great plants that can be grown indoors, outdoors or, as Nancy Leasman says, as commuters, who spend…


Herb Gardening at the Minnesota State Fair

This year’s MSHS Educational Display at the Minnesota State Fair focuses on herb gardening, especially growing unusual herbs.  You’ll find an article on the topic in the September/October issue of…

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What Shows Up at the State Fair Plant Show

The day before the Minnesota State Fair opens—that’s Wednesday, Aug. 21 this year—the Horticulture Building will be filled with houseplants, patio plants, succulents, container gardens filled with flowers and vegetables…

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Getting Ready for the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is only three weeks away, and excitement is building at the MSHS office. Our stalwart volunteers have been working on the lovely, late-summer display garden that…


Grow Anywhere Gardening

You don’t need a large plot of land to grow your own food or some flowers to brighten your home. You can grow plants anywhere! That’s the theme of the…


MSHS Plant Show Winners

Congratulations to all the participants in the MSHS Plant Show at the Minnesota State Fair! The Grand Champion was a gorgeous bonsai entered by Sandy Merrill and Dennis Kolasa of…