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Magnificent Monarda

I’ve been to several garden tours over the past couple of weeks and one plant that looks fantastic in every garden is bee balm (Monarda). If you are not familiar…


Starting Annuals from Seed

While many gardeners enjoy starting vegetables from seed, starting annuals from seed is fun and easy, too. Some tender annuals — zinnias, marigolds, calendulas, salvias, cosmos, morning glories, nasturtiums, sweet…


What a Hydrangea Wants

Get together several hundred avid gardeners and a line-up of experts, and the questions and conversations start flying. Yesterday, MSHS hosted its third annual Spring at the Inn. This annual…


An Herbal Compost Tea for Your Plants

Recently, I had a chance to hear University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Shari Mayer from Dakota County talk about growing and using herbs. Shari has been a big part…


Will You Delay Seed Starting This Year?

A blog reader recently asked if seed starters should delay their seed starting this year because of the long, cold winter. In Minnesota, we’ve had the worst winter in terms…

squash curing

How to Cure Winter Squash

Most Minnesota gardeners have already harvested their winter squash — the goal is to get them out of the fields before there is a hard freeze. But how do you…


It’s Not Too Late to Plant Bulbs

The local forecast calls for a wet and cool weekend, but it’s not too late to plant bulbs in Minnesota. Planting bulbs now will give you a great blast of…

dried bean

How to Grow Green Beans

One of the easiest and most rewarding vegetable crops for northern gardeners are green beans. Whether you call them snap, string, shell or dried, green beans grow relatively quickly, require…