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U of M Master Gardener Flower Trials

The March/April issue of Northern Gardener has the results of the University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener vegetable trials. These are very useful for gardeners deciding which varieties to grow…


Best Plants for Winter Interest

We’ve had a lot of snow early, a lot of fog recently, ice and more snow and who knows what next! But, if you are a gardener in Minnesota, you…


How to Create a Bird Friendly Garden

Not too long ago, we came across a pamphlet from the Saint Paul Audubon Society on sustaining songbirds and other wildlife in your garden. It’s not a long booklet, but…

bees on verbena

Late Summer Garden at Minnesota State Fair

Be sure to visit the MSHS display garden at the Minnesota State Fair, which opens Thursday. We will have our educational and retail booths in the Horticulture Building and our…

david phlox

What’s Blooming? Lots of Phlox

Here’s the long and the short about phlox: There are two basic kinds and while they come from the same genus, they are very different. Creeping phlox (technically it is…


Finding the Best Plants for the Midwest

Each year, dozens—maybe hundreds—of new plant varieties are introduced by breeders and plant wholesalers worldwide. It’s tough to figure out which are the best plants for the Midwest, especially when…


Have You Tried Variegated Solomon’s Seal?

Each year, the Perennial Plant Association names its plant of the year, and this year’s plant is a beautiful foliage plant for shade, Variegated Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum odoratum ‘Variegatum’). It’s…


New Hydrangeas for 2013 (and Beyond!)

The highlight of the annual MSHS Spring at the Inn event (other than meeting and talking with fellow gardeners) was seeing some of the new introductions from Bailey Nurseries Inc….