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Last Chance to Visit Mary’s Garden

This weekend is one of the big weekends of the year for garden tours. (Next weekend is, too.) The St. Anthony Park Garden Club tour is among those held this…


Gardening with All Five Senses

It’s that time of year when garden clubs, Master Gardener groups and community organizations hold garden tours. Walking through gardens created by talented amateurs is a great way to learn…


A Visit to Marge Hols Garden

Last week, about 100 eager gardeners and supporters of the Minnesota State Horticultural Society descended on Marge Hols’ gorgeous St. Paul garden. The occasion was the Garden Gathering, a special…


Hennepin County Master Gardeners Give Back

This article originally appeared in the May/June issue of Northern Gardener. As volunteers trained by the University of Minnesota Extension, Master Gardeners provide horticultural education to the community. Teaching adults…


Garden Inspiration: Gertrude Jekyll’s Bulb Garden

What inspires your garden designs? The garden you grew up with? A garden you’ve visited in stories or real life? Mary Hockenberry Meyer, grass guru at the University of Minnesota,…

grand allee giverney

The Joys of Garden Travel

Gardeners seem to share a number of characteristics, besides their love of gardening. Many are also good cooks; a lot are big readers or crafters in the winter; and many…


What’s Blooming? Prickly Pear

During several garden tours recently, I’ve spotted one of the few Minnesota-hardy cacti–Opuntia macrorhiza, which is commonly called plains prickly pear. It’s a native Minnesota wildflower that thrives in rock…


Community Gardening

Most of us think of community gardening as growing vegetables in a community plot. We love that idea (and MSHS has a plot in a community garden near the office…