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Garden Experiments

MSHS has been celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, and the big anniversary party was held last Saturday at Tangletown Gardens Farm in Plato, MN. As part of the event,…


Should You Still Deadhead?

As we get passed the middle of August (arghh!!), it’s time to consider whether to deadhead or not. Deadheading is the practice of removing the spent flowers on plants –…


How to Dig and Divide Dahlia Tubers

Dahlias are native to Mexico, but these stunning tropical plants shine in the northern garden, too. A member of the aster family, dahlias look a bit like zinnias, chrysanthemums and…


Should You Cut Back Perennials in Fall?

To cut back perennials or not to cut back perennials, that is the question many gardeners ask themselves in fall. We have been fortunate this autumn that the weather has…


How to Grow Lilacs

This is a first in a regular series of articles on the care and maintenance of some of our favorite plants for northern gardens. With their lush blooms and deeply…


When to Prune Trees (and Why)?

Pruning is one of those gardening topics that has an air of mystery about it. When to prune trees? Why do you prune trees? How do you prune trees? Curious…

bobby jensen great tip

Low-Maintenance Way to Water Your Vegetable Garden

The Twin Cities home shows — the Minnesota Home and Patio Show, which runs this weekend, and the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, which is open Feb. 28-March 3 —…

fall berries

Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

Oh, no! Can the garden season really be coming to a close so soon? This week, we’re having slightly warmer temperatures—and happily, some rain!—but the fall is hard upon us…