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Book Review: Edible Gardening for the Midwest

During our series on vegetable gardening, we suggested several books that are good choices for beginning vegetable gardeners. Edible Gardening for the Midwest is another solid option, if you are…


Book Review: Why Grow THAT, When You Can Grow This

Some plants are like the popular kids in high school, says garden designer Andrew Keys in his new book, Why Grow THAT When You Can Grow This: 255 Extraordinary Alternatives…


Garden Book Review (and Giveaway): The Layered Garden

We have all visited those awe-inspiring gardens that seem to be designed to perfection. Season after season, they offer beauty, layers upon layers of color, texture, form and interest. While…


Garden Book Review: Beautiful No-Mow Yards

I’ve been meaning to review Evelyn J. Hadden’s latest book on creating yards with less or no lawn ever since she spoke at my hometown library last spring. Beautiful No-Mow…