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Day 27: My Favorite Heirloom Tomatoes

In yesterday’s post about heirloom tomatoes, I recounted some of the questions I frequently field from people who are curious about my obsession. Here’s another one: “So what’s your all-time…

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Day 26: My Tomato Obsession

  Yes, I know they exist, because I’ve seen them. I’m talking about people who don’t like tomatoes. Hard to believe, I realize, so when I meet one of these…

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Day 25: Harvesting Your Vegetable Garden

Once your vegetable garden is planted and begins to produce a crop, you can spend a few moments every day in the garden to monitor when vegetables are ripe and…

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Day 24: Succession Planting in the Vegetable Garden

Even with a short Minnesota growing season, you can extend the productivity of your vegetable garden by replanting certain vegetables a second or even a third time. It all depends…

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Day 23: Critter Control in the Vegetable Garden

The two biggest issues for vegetable gardeners in the North are deer and rabbits. Both are relentless and clever, if they are hungry enough. Fencing can work to control both…


Day 22: Insect Pests in the Vegetable Garden

Before we even start talking about pests, let’s be clear: Most bugs are good bugs, and trying to keep your vegetable garden bug-free is not only an exercise in futility,…


Day 21: Weeding Your Vegetable Garden

Once your vegetable garden is planted, you’ll have just a few ongoing chores: watering, picking and weeding. None of these need be onerous (and, of course, picking vegetables is just…

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Day 20: Feeding Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetables are living, growing things, and they need to be fed. The amount of nitrogen, phosophorous, potassium and trace minerals that plants need varies. (See below for list of heavy…