Will You Create Pumpkin Containers this Fall?

pumpkin with kale

A deep purple kale contrasts with the orange of the pumpkin.

Gardeners have been using pumpkins as fall containers for several years now. (Here’s my first effort from back in 2007.) With more people sharing ideas and images on Pinterest, pumpkin containers are a real phenomenon.

Here’s a super cute one using a trailing sedum.

Last year, here at the Notes from Northern Gardener blog, we suggested pumpkin containers as one of five easy container ideas for fall.

This garden blogger did a group of pumpkin planters on her steps.

And, local garden blogger Amy Andrychowicz offers step by step instructions on how to do a pumpkin planter with mums. The gray squash is a great idea.

Pumpkins are inexpensive containers and they hold up reasonably well for about a month. (After that, it’s time for the compost heap.)  This year, I went with a deep purple kale in a bright orange pumpkin. Pretty, right?

Will you plant a pumpkin this fall?

—Mary Lahr Schier