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The Seed Catalogs Have Arrived!

On a day when the high temperatures here in Minnesota will likely not get about minus-15 and the wind is making the garden look like an Arctic landscape, seed catalogs…

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Why Garden? Why Save Seeds? Thoughts from Diane Ott Whealy

Diane Ott Whealy, founder of Seed Savers Exchange in Decorah, Iowa, is a passionate advocate for gardening and seed saving, and at a talk at the Minneapolis Spring Home and…


Keep Your Plants On

You see a lot of fun ideas at the Minneapolis Home & Garden Show, where MSHS will be exhibiting the rest of the weekend. For instance.. Why Not Plant Succulents…

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Special Event for Heirloom Seed Lovers

This week marks the beginning of the home and garden show season in Minnesota. In addition to big shows, such as this week’s Minnesota Home and Patio Show and the…


Day 6: Favorite Seed Sources for Your Vegetable Garden

If you’ve decided to try starting your own vegetable seeds this year, you’ll find a lot of choices at hand—both for varieties available as well as places to buy them….