bed with peony

What’s Blooming Now? Everything!

The better question might be: What’s not blooming? After our very slow and cold spring, we finally are getting some sun and heat and the plants have responded with enthusiasm….


Why We Appreciate Chartreuse Plants

The gloomy spring that seems to finally be behind us really drove home why it’s important to plant trees, shrubs and perennials with foliage that is something other than plain…


We’re Planting a Community Garden in Midway!

Tomorrow we will be installing and planting a community garden at the St. Paul Midway YMCA on University Avenue in St. Paul. The garden will be made up of 40…

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Great Garden Centers: Gertens

For gardeners on the east side of the Twin Cities metro area, Gertens Greenhouses and Garden Center is a mecca for all types of plants, garden decor and other landscaping…

herbaceous peony bloom

How to Grow Peonies

Peonies are a classic, old-fashioned flower in northern gardens with a long history in Minnesota. Brand Farms in Faribault had acres of peonies under cultivation in the 1920s, earning the…

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What’s Blooming on the Last Day of May?

We’ve gotten to the end of the month of May — and it’s been strange. Snow, heat, rain, cold — we’ve had it all. But the plants keep blooming, even…

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How to Grow Lilacs

This is a first in a regular series of articles on the care and maintenance of some of our favorite plants for northern gardens. With their lush blooms and deeply…

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What’s Blooming This Week?

How wonderful is it when the spring flowering trees and shrubs are in all their glory? After this winter, it is wonderful indeed. So, what’s blooming in our northern gardens?…