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magnolia bloom

Plant Profile: Magic Magnolias

Magnolias are wonderful small trees or shrubs, which despite their southern connections, can work as spring-flowering plants for gardens in USDA Zone 4 — about the southern half of Minnesota,…

narrow roots

Slash and Plant Shrubs

Early spring is a great time to plant new shrubs and perennials, and if you check your local nursery, you may even find some bargains. Shrubs that have been in…

taylor and parkland

Garden Trend: Trees that Look Like Taylor Swift

‘Tis the season for horticulture days, spring flings and assorted other garden events. Saturday I had a chance to attend the District 7 Spring Fling, where Northern Gardener horticulture editor…

Fall color on common witch hazel. Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries Inc.

Where to Buy Witch Hazel

The cover story for the November/December issue of Northern Gardener is about witch hazel, a little-planted but lovely shrub. As author Betsy Danielson notes, “Witch hazels could be the poster…

'Black Lace' elderberry in a pot. Photo courtesy of Proven Winners

Garden Trends: Woody Plants in Containers

One of the garden trends we’re hearing about for 2014 is the greater use of woody plants — shrubs and trees — in containers. Using woody plants in containers offers…

garden centers

It’s Not Too Late to Plant Trees

While it looks like much of Minnesota may experience frost later this week (and that’s later than normal), it’s not too late to plant trees, shrubs, even perennials. In fact,…

lilac narrow

How to Grow Lilacs

This is a first in a regular series of articles on the care and maintenance of some of our favorite plants for northern gardens. With their lush blooms and deeply…

hydrangeas narrow

New Hydrangeas for 2013 (and Beyond!)

The highlight of the annual MSHS Spring at the Inn event (other than meeting and talking with fellow gardeners) was seeing some of the new introductions from Bailey Nurseries Inc….