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Gardeners and Pollinators

Our educational booth at the Minnesota State Fair is aimed at teaching fair-goers more about pollinators and their important role in our food system. There are a variety of factors…

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Save Our Monarchs: Minnesota State Fair Partner

This year, MSHS is working with Save Our Monarchs to provide free milkweed seeds to up to 650 fairgoers. If you are not familiar with Save Our Monarchs, it is…

A bee seeks pollen from a balloon flower at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

Protecting Pollinators at the Minnesota State Fair

One of the top issues with gardeners these days is the plight of pollinators — bees, other insects and butterflies. If you have gardened for any length of time, you…

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Hot Off the Press: Pollinators of Native Plants

This review originally appeared in the May/June 2014 issue of Northern Gardener. If you are serious about native plants and pollinators, this is the book for you. Entitled Pollinators of…

Verbena bonariensis is a bee magnet.

Pollinator Friendly Gardens, Part 3

Many gardeners want to create pollinator friendly gardens because butterflies and bees add to the health of a garden as well as it’s appearance. Water sources and other garden features…

Plant single flowers: Fewer petals equals more pollination.

Pollinator Friendly Gardens, Part 2

Having the right features in your garden will help attract pollinators, but the gardening practices you follow will make sure they stay there and do all the wonderful pollination they…

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Pollinator Friendly Gardens, Part 1

Tuesday’s Protect the Pollinators symposium at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum included four great speakers on butterflies, bees, other pollinators, the threats they face and what gardeners can do about them….

Trees and shrubs give shelter to birds.

Gardeners and Earth Day

It’s been almost 45 years since the first Earth Day, which will be marked tomorrow with celebrations, conferences and lots of educational events. One of the best ways to help…