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Northern gardeners are seeing lots of spotted and yellowing leaves, prompting them to ask, "What's wrong with my tomato?"

What Is Wrong with My Tomatoes?

Like a lot of northern gardeners, my tomatoes were looking fantastic up until about a week ago. The plants were large, flowers and fruit plentiful and everything looking green and…

hosta dish garden

Growing Hostas in Pots? Why Not!

Using perennials—and even small shrubs—in containers has become more and more common as gardens shrink and breeders develop compact varieties. Hostas are among those perennials that do very well growing…

narrow winter scene

Will Your Plants Survive This Super-Cold Spell?

School is closed Monday, travel is considered dangerous, and Minnesota gardeners are looking out at their shrubs, trees and perennials and wondering, “Can my plants survive this super-cold spell?” The…