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Garden Experiments

MSHS has been celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year, and the big anniversary party was held last Saturday at Tangletown Gardens Farm in Plato, MN. As part of the event,…

Lettuce tasting? Sounds like fun.

MSHS 150th Party Registration Still Open

Don’t miss a chance to eat great food from Wise Acre Eatery, explore Tangletown Gardens Farm (where nearly all the plants sold at Tangletown Gardens are grown) and celebrate the…

Come on out to the farm!

Tangletown Farm, Here We Come

We’ve posted once before about the upcoming MSHS 150th Anniversary celebration to be held at Tangletown Gardens Farm in Plato, MN, Saturday, Sept. 24, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m,…


Spotlight on MSHS Volunteers

We love our MSHS volunteers. Each one has a story — they come to gardening and volunteering for many different reasons. When Anne Lethert Smith’s young daughter died, Anne wanted…

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Plant Show Winners from Minnesota State Fair

Each year, MSHS hosts the MSHS Potted Plant Show at the Minnesota State Fair. This event runs during the first two days of the fair and is a real treat…

steger narrow

Register Now for Will Steger Global Warming Talk

MSHS is excited to be cosponsoring “Eyewitness to Global Warming”, a presentation by world-renowned polar explorer, educator, photographer, writer and lecturer Will Steger, on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 7 to…

Fresh-picked raspberries ready for the freezer!

Raspberry Memories

August always reminds me of picking raspberries for my grandma when I was a little girl. She had several rows of raspberry bushes in her garden, and I was small…

In the 1890s, MSHS leaders took a casual photo.

Celebrate Our Anniversary at Tangletown Gardens Farm

This year is MSHS’s big 150th anniversary, and we are celebrating in a big way with a bash at Tangletown Garden Farms in Plato, MN. The event is Saturday, Sept….