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signs of rabbit damage

Day 23: Critter Control in the Vegetable Garden

The two biggest issues for vegetable gardeners in the North are deer and rabbits. Both are relentless and clever, if they are hungry enough. Fencing can work to control both…

hornworm in action

Day 22: Insect Pests in the Vegetable Garden

Before we even start talking about pests, let’s be clear: Most bugs are good bugs, and trying to keep your vegetable garden bug-free is not only an exercise in futility,…


Day 21: Weeding Your Vegetable Garden

Once your vegetable garden is planted, you’ll have just a few ongoing chores: watering, picking and weeding. None of these need be onerous (and, of course, picking vegetables is just…

tomatoes wide

Day 19: Tips for Growing Tomatoes, Part 2

Now that you’ve got your tomato planted, there are other things to keep in mind, like how to minimize its upkeep. One way is by spreading mulch, such as a…

tomatoes wide

Day 18: Tips for Growing Tomatoes

I heard it a lot when I talked to gardeners last summer, and the summer before that: “My tomatoes are doing terrible—I don’t know what I did wrong!” People are…

lettuce tight

Day 17: Tips for Growing Greens

Growing greens — lettuce, spinach, arugula and other leafy things — in your vegetable garden produces big pay-offs in taste and nutrition for relatively little effort. And, nothing says summer…


Day 16: How Far Apart to Plant in the Vegetable Garden

In most urban vegetable gardens, plant spacing is determined by what sort of things you plan to grow and how many plants of each variety you plan to put in….

winter sowing containers

Day 14: Winter Sowing for Your Vegetable Garden

One of the most popular articles ever written for Northern Gardener was on winter-sowing perennials. Winter sowing involves sowing seeds outdoors in mini-greenhouses, made of milk jugs, deli containers and…