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Day 16: How Far Apart to Plant in the Vegetable Garden

In most urban vegetable gardens, plant spacing is determined by what sort of things you plan to grow and how many plants of each variety you plan to put in….

winter sowing containers

Day 14: Winter Sowing for Your Vegetable Garden

One of the most popular articles ever written for Northern Gardener was on winter-sowing perennials. Winter sowing involves sowing seeds outdoors in mini-greenhouses, made of milk jugs, deli containers and…


Day 13: Frost-Free Dates and the Vegetable Garden

If you grow vegetables from seed, the packet almost always lists how long before or after your average last frost date you should plant. It’s important to know your “frost-free”…

cold frame with lettuce 2

Day 12: Get Your Vegetable Garden Growing with a Cold Frame

One way to extend the vegetable growing season — both on the front end in spring and on the back end in fall — is to use cold frames, hoophouses…

hardening off

Day 11: Seed Starting, Part 3: Hardening Off

Once your seeds have germinated and the seedlings are growing, the next step in the process is transplanting them into a larger container—or not. If I’m growing lettuce under lights…

tomato and pepper seedlings narrow2

Day 10: Starting Seeds Indoors, Part 2

Yesterday’s topic was starting seeds for your vegetable garden indoors in trays or containers of potting mix, which works great for smaller seeds that you sprinkle on the surface of…

lettuce in minigreenhouse 2

Day 9: Starting Seeds Indoors, Part 1

This is the first of a three-part post about starting seeds indoors. If you’ve never done it before, the main thing you should know is that it’s really easy. Seeds…

strawberries in a bag

Day 8: Vegetables in the Ornamental Garden

While many people like to place their vegetable garden in a separate space designed just for growing and harvesting food, others either lack enough space for dedicated vegetable area or…