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Assessing Winter Damage

April really is the cruelest month for gardeners in the North. It’s the time when we see all the damage that has occurred over winter. While brown spots on the…

yellow tomatoes

How is Your Tomato Harvest?

Our Northern Gardener publisher and noted tomato fanatic sent me this photo yesterday of his harvest of yellow tomatoes from that day. (I’m sure there were dozens of red ones,…

tomato harvest

Tomato Diseases in 2013

All in all, 2013 seems to be a very good year for tomatoes. We’ve had ample rain (maybe a little too ample at times) and we have not had the…


Are You Seeing Aster Yellows?

We are hearing many reports from gardeners about aster yellows, a plant disease that is spread by aster leafhoppers and is highly contagious. Plants show more symptoms during times of…