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Keep layering the rough compost with finished compost.

How to Create a Lasagna Garden

Lasagna gardening is a no-till method of creating a garden bed over an area of grass or weeds. While many people start lasagna gardens in the fall so the garden…


Garden Magic: Leaf Mold

Having visited many magazine-worthy gardens and been on more garden tours than I can count, I’ve noticed that a lot of really good gardeners use leaf mold. Leaf mold is…

Trees and shrubs give shelter to birds.

Gardeners and Earth Day

It’s been almost 45 years since the first Earth Day, which will be marked tomorrow with celebrations, conferences and lots of educational events. One of the best ways to help…

narrow comfrey

An Herbal Compost Tea for Your Plants

Recently, I had a chance to hear University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener Shari Mayer from Dakota County talk about growing and using herbs. Shari has been a big part…