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Will You Delay Seed Starting This Year?

A blog reader recently asked if seed starters should delay their seed starting this year because of the long, cold winter. In Minnesota, we’ve had the worst winter in terms…

The flower room is alive with color.

Tropical Vacation at Como Conservatory

Frankly, I’d rather be in Florida right now — and I’m sure many Minnesotans feel the same way. 2014 is likely to go into the record books as one of…

narrow winter scene

Will Your Plants Survive This Super-Cold Spell?

School is closed Monday, travel is considered dangerous, and Minnesota gardeners are looking out at their shrubs, trees and perennials and wondering, “Can my plants survive this super-cold spell?” The…

baptisia leaves

Frosty Morning in Minnesota

Many Minnesota gardeners woke up this morning to a blanket of white on their yards and gardens — and it wasn’t snow. It was a frosty morning in Minnesota, and…

flood narrom

Extreme Gardening: Duluth’s Story

Editor’s note: The May/June issue of Northern Gardener, which is available on news stands starting this week, includes an article called “Extreme Gardening.” It offers suggestions for gardening in extreme…


Peas, Phenology and the Northern Gardener

Technically speaking, we are in a blizzard here in Minnesota today. (There’s not that much snow, but the winds are wicked fierce, which is why I plan to stay off…