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Containers for Early Spring

We are in the in-between time for northern gardeners —still a month or so too early to be setting out pansy pots, but oh, my, oh, my, those winter containers…

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Garden Experts Speak at Home Show

If you missed all the great information from garden experts that we presented at last weekend’s Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, check out the talks this weekend. The Garden Theater…

Dahlias add glamour to the garden.

Home and Garden Show Ideas Aplenty

The Minneapolis Home and Garden Show will be running two weekends this year (instead of just one), and we are excited to once again have scheduled a host of great…

Keep layering the rough compost with finished compost.

How to Create a Lasagna Garden

Lasagna gardening is a no-till method of creating a garden bed over an area of grass or weeds. While many people start lasagna gardens in the fall so the garden…

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Garden TV

One of the complaints often heard about the big national cable channel with the words home and garden in its name is that it’s all about homes (specifically hunting for…

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Do You Have a Healthy Yard?

A while back, we came across a handout from the forestry division of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. In a simple four-page fold-out, the DNR offers some great ideas…

Plant single flowers: Fewer petals equals more pollination.

Pollinator Friendly Gardens, Part 2

Having the right features in your garden will help attract pollinators, but the gardening practices you follow will make sure they stay there and do all the wonderful pollination they…

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Pollinator Friendly Gardens, Part 1

Tuesday’s Protect the Pollinators symposium at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum included four great speakers on butterflies, bees, other pollinators, the threats they face and what gardeners can do about them….