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Day 9: Starting Seeds Indoors, Part 1

This is the first of a three-part post about starting seeds indoors. If you’ve never done it before, the main thing you should know is that it’s really easy. Seeds…

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Day 8: Vegetables in the Ornamental Garden

While many people like to place their vegetable garden in a separate space designed just for growing and harvesting food, others either lack enough space for dedicated vegetable area or…

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Day 7: Designing Your Vegetable Garden

When you’re planning a vegetable garden, nearly as important as deciding what to grow in it is figuring out a design. A well-thought out plan will save you a lot…

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Day 6: Favorite Seed Sources for Your Vegetable Garden

If you’ve decided to try starting your own vegetable seeds this year, you’ll find a lot of choices at hand—both for varieties available as well as places to buy them….


Day 5: Seeds vs. Starter Plants

For me, half the fun of starting a vegetable garden comes at this time of year, when I sit down with a stack of seed catalogs to look at all…

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Day 4: What to Grow in Your Vegetable Garden

For most gardeners, deciding which vegetables to plant is greatly affected by yesterday’s topic: whether they’ll be gardening in traditional beds, raised beds, or containers. You wouldn’t want to try…

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Day 3: Pots vs. Raised Beds vs. Traditional Beds

Some people are faced with a dilemma when planning their vegetable garden: should they plant their garden in the ground, or in raised beds, or even in pots? Each of…

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Day 2: Where to Put Your Vegetable Garden

Vegetables want to grow — remember that when things don’t seem to be going right in your new vegetable garden — they want to produce fruit, to pass on their…