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Senorita Blanca cleome

Plant Profile: Cleome

A few years ago, I was bored with my usual annual flowers. That’s when I heard about cleome, a tall, striking annual with a puff-ball flower and a distinctive smell…

For lush bloom, marigolds can be deadheaded well into August. These are from the display gardens at the University of Minnesota in Morris.

Should You Still Deadhead?

As we get passed the middle of August (arghh!!), it’s time to consider whether to deadhead or not. Deadheading is the practice of removing the spent flowers on plants –…

steger narrow

Register Now for Will Steger Global Warming Talk

MSHS is excited to be cosponsoring “Eyewitness to Global Warming”, a presentation by world-renowned polar explorer, educator, photographer, writer and lecturer Will Steger, on Thursday, Oct. 13, from 7 to…

Fresh-picked raspberries ready for the freezer!

Raspberry Memories

August always reminds me of picking raspberries for my grandma when I was a little girl. She had several rows of raspberry bushes in her garden, and I was small…

texture in the garden

Garden Tours Takeaways: Texture, Texture, Texture

Garden tours are a great way to see what works and most tour-goers come away from garden tours with ideas that they want to try in their gardens. After seeing…

This cloche-style hat reminds me of something from the 1920s. The brim is low on the face, offering lots of protection.

Why Garden Hats Matter

I don’t look great in hats, but I almost always wear a garden hat when I am outside. Why? If you are outside a lot, it’s important to protect yourself…

In the 1890s, MSHS leaders took a casual photo.

Celebrate Our Anniversary at Tangletown Gardens Farm

This year is MSHS’s big 150th anniversary, and we are celebrating in a big way with a bash at Tangletown Garden Farms in Plato, MN. The event is Saturday, Sept….

Our No. 1 volunteer -- Mr. Tomato Guy. He's always near our booth.

Join Us at the Minnesota State Fair!

Preparations for the Minnesota State Fair underway at MSHS, which means that we are seeking volunteers to staff our booth in the Agriculture/Horticulture building at the state fair. MSHS exhibits…