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Great Plants for Northern Gardens: Day 1— Peonies

Many gardeners look forward to November, a time when the northern garden is mostly put to bed and you can relax with a cup of tea and a sense of…


How to Do a Soil Percolation Test

The November/December issue of Northern Gardener includes Nancy Rose’s article called “A Tale of Two Soils.” Many Minnesotans know Nancy from her years as a horticulturist at the University of…

How to Do a Soil Texture Test

Horticulturist Nancy Rose’s article in the November/December issue of Northern Gardener talks about the importance of knowing your soil for more garden success. Here are her instructions for testing the…

fall berries

Get Your Garden Ready for Winter

Oh, no! Can the garden season really be coming to a close so soon? This week, we’re having slightly warmer temperatures—and happily, some rain!—but the fall is hard upon us…


Low-Sugar Applesauce

This is the time of year when Minnesotans love heading to their local orchard or (if they are lucky) harvesting the last few apples off the tree for eating and…

Minnesota apple

We Love Local Foods!

The movement to encourage folks to eat more local foods is several years old now, and it’s amazing how many foods you can enjoy in the Midwest that were grown…

sedum and roses

Fall in Love with Sedum

Whether rock gardeners or cottage gardeners, prairie gardeners or formal gardeners, most northern gardeners have sedum somewhere in their garden. It’s easy to fall in love with this autumn bloomer….

relish jars

Best Thing Ever to Make with Red Peppers

If you are lucky, your vegetable garden is bulging with colored peppers. If not, local farmers’ markets have plenty, and this recipe for red pepper relish is one of the…