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This cloche-style hat reminds me of something from the 1920s. The brim is low on the face, offering lots of protection.

Why Garden Hats Matter

I don’t look great in hats, but I almost always wear a garden hat when I am outside. Why? If you are outside a lot, it’s important to protect yourself…

In the 1890s, MSHS leaders took a casual photo.

Celebrate Our Anniversary at Tangletown Gardens Farm

This year is MSHS’s big 150th anniversary, and we are celebrating in a big way with a bash at Tangletown Garden Farms in Plato, MN. The event is Saturday, Sept….

Our No. 1 volunteer -- Mr. Tomato Guy. He's always near our booth.

Join Us at the Minnesota State Fair!

Preparations for the Minnesota State Fair underway at MSHS, which means that we are seeking volunteers to staff our booth in the Agriculture/Horticulture building at the state fair. MSHS exhibits…

beetle on red rose

Japanese Beetles: Have They Left Yet?

Visiting the garden of a friend recently, I was just about to ask that question: Have the Japanese beetles left yet? The answer, however, was right before me: a Japanese…

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 11.36.54 AM

We’re Hiring for Garden-in-a-Box

MSHS is hiring a coordinator for our Garden-in- a-Box program. The program’s goal is to help low-income and/or at-risk children and their families have access to fresh, local produce and…

Globe thistle blooms are about the size of a golf ball and spiky.

Plant Profile: Globe Thistle

I have to admit it—any plant with the word “thistle” in its name makes me nervous. Canada thistle was a persistent weed in my previous garden. Globe thistle (Echinops rito)…

Dark-leaved huechera and lavender tinged ornamental kale add depth to this entry garden. The spike plant echoes the dark theme.

Purple is the New Green

It’s garden tour season, and I’ve been fortunate to attend several — with a couple more scheduled for later this week! What I love about touring gardens is you get…

narrow veg garden

Hot Off the Press: Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden

This article originally appeared in the July/August issue of Northern Gardener. The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb (Ten Speed Press  2015) is an up-to-date revision of her 1975…